Tent Living


<p>Hi! I'm Susana Cunha and I have a passion for bohemian inspired interiors, fibre art and textiles. At Tent Living you will find good quality, handmade wall hangings incorporating natural materials such as wood, cotton rope, wool and thread. I use traditional macrame and weaving techniques with a modern, contemporary and romantic spin to create unique pieces that will stand out in any room.</p><p>I am a firm believer in supporting local artisans and small businesses and very often work in collaboration with other makers.</p><p>Tent Living provides pieces that are the perfect addition to a bohemian inspired decor, for those with itchy feet and a love for exotic travels, a bohemian lifestyle but also a connection to nature, organic materials and romance.</p><p>Thank you for stopping by and I hope you find that special piece!.</p><br>